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Organizational Chart of Industry Growth

message from CEO

Recent expert views on the origin of power in the management of modern societies reflect the growing trend of the transfer of power from politics to economics at the national and international levels. It seems that today, superiority in world trade is an inseparable part and strongly depends on the possibility of establishment, survival and growth of professional, goal-oriented and forward-looking business institutions in all areas of progress and development of every country. Roshd Sanat Group in the form of three subsidiaries, Roshd Sanat, Roshd Sanat Niroo, Taam Lokomotiv Ariya and with foreign partner companies around the world, following the patterns of creative trade and the development of global relations, as well as offering a wide variety of products and services ranging from “renewable energy” to “high-pressure and high-power industrial electrical machines”  and “rail industry”

and “rail industry” appeared on the board of one of the leading companies in the region. With more than two decades of continuous activity, this group has played a special role in the industrial development of the country and Iran’s economic growth, relying on a flexible and modern organizational culture and also gathering fruitful experiences from a set of national and international activities.Our vision at Roshd Sanat Company is always focused on customer orientation, diligent efforts to achieve higher quality of all products and services and special attention to environmental requirements as a member of the global community and in a word, to be available in all areas in order to supply the increasing customer demand. At Roshd Sanat Group, we strongly believe in customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and partner willingness to move forward and achieve our future success. In this process, all members of the Roshd Sanat family are committed to maintaining the integrity and richness of their technical knowledge and that of the company, at the highest standard levels. Today, after nearly three decades of dynamic and modern activities of the Roshd Sanat Group, I am proud to have been a member of such a leading, efficient and entrepreneurial organization from day one, and I believe in being accompanied by trusted and creative colleagues and a collection of innovative , holistic management team of the group, we can accelerate the pace of upgrading the technical achievements and economic capabilities of our industrial group and contribute as much as possible to the economic transformation of our country and the sustainable development of the region.


Key employees

Roshd Sanat Company is an exclusive company in the field of small and medium hydropower plants in the country, whose reputation has been the result of honesty in work, high quality, safety and timely delivery of more than 30 projects over three decades.

Roshd Sanat believes that the company’s personnel are the assets of the company and is trying to maintain its capital and improve the level of its personnel.

All design work in the growth of the industry is done by experienced engineers in order to achieve the requirements of the project, as well as the processes of purchasing goods and equipment, equipment inspection and installation of projects including power plants, oil and gas and petrochemical, and industrial is done by the company’s staff .

The list of key employees of Roshd Sanat Company is as follows:

RowNameLast NameField of StudyThe last documentTotal work experience (years)LocationLast position
1Mohammad RezaZangane Kazamielectrical engineeringMasters33central officeManaging Director
2AbolghasemTeymorianelectrical engineeringMasters38central officeChairman of the Board
3MohsenTeymorianCivil EngineeringMasters30central officeVice Chairman of the Board
4NasroallahRoohandeindustrial engineeringMasters20central officeMember of the Board
5SoheilZangane Kazemielectrical engineeringSenior Maters20central officeMember of the Board
6Amir MasudSalehiExecutive ManagementSenior Maters18central officeDeputy of Projects
7BehzadKeyvanielectrical control engineeringSenior Maters13central officeproject manager
8Mohammad RezaSaadatiMechanical Engineering – Solid DesignSenior Maters10central officeMaster of Mechanics
9ParisaEghtedariManagement and ProductivitySenior Maters23central officeQuality Assurance Manager and Methods Improvement
10Seyed RezaSabzevariComputer Engineering – SoftwareMasters12central officeInformatics Manager
11HammedGholamiyanMechanical Engineering Energy ConversionPHD7central officeexpert of mechanics
12MahdiMehrabanIndustrial Engineering – Systems Planning and AnalysisMasters21central officeMarket Planning and Development Manager
13MaryamKarimiaccountingMasters11central officeFinancial Affairs Manager
14HosseinValiMechanical Engineering – Applied DesignMasters13central officeHead of Mechanical Unit
15KazemYamini NiaElectrical Power EngineeringMasters15central officeElectrical expert
16EhsanShahr AyiniMechanical Engineering-Solid DesignMasters7central officeMaster of Mechanics
17HamidAkbariElectrical Power EngineeringMasters12central officeElectrical expert
18AliRezayiIndustrial Engineering – Systems Analysis PlanningMasters12central officeProject Control Specialist
19Ali RezaTalayi Khaleselectrical control engineeringMasters4central officeElectrical expert
20FarzadKazemi BalaniMechanical Engineering – Fluid HeatingMasters15central officeProject Executive Vice President
21AdelEsmaeiliElectrical Power EngineeringMasters17central officetechnical manager
22MajedFarahbodElectrical Power EngineeringMasters7central officeElectrical expert
23SalehAbolhassaniManufacturing Mechanical EngineeringSenior Masters9central officeproject manager
24NargesAthariElectrical Engineering – ElectronicsMasters9central officeControl expert and instrumentation
25Seyed HesamSafavi ArdabiliElectrical Power EngineeringMasters3central officeElectrical expert
26BehroozRostamiMechanical Engineering – Solid DesignMasters24Tabas workshopDeputy Supervisor of the workshop
27SaeedAzorde ValujayiCivil Engineering – CivilMasters14WorkshopSite Manager
28Seyed HadiAgha miriaccountingMasters8central officeaccountant
29SunaEzatzade OghaniaccountingMasters6central officeaccountant