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Human resources

The Roshd Sanat company and its multi-sectoral structure have created unique conditions in which employees can realize the growth and development of their potential capabilities. The structure of Roshd Sanat and diversity of work in it, gives employees the opportunity to challenge themselves in various fields and with their performance, create a positive impact on the company and the country’s industry. The commitment of the Roshd Sanat to its employees has various aspects: commitment to a two-way communication, emphasis on integration, commitment to providing competitive advantage and broad support for continuing education and increasing team leadership, are different aspects of the company’s commitment to employees. In general, Roshd Sanat is recognized as a company committed to its workforce. All previous projects of the company have been completed with the help of this committed workforce and new projects are underway. On average, the volume of the company’s contracts has increased by about 10% annually compared to the previous year.

Company’s employees

Providing an effective package that meets the needs of employees will maintain the company’s competitiveness. Roshd Sanat, in addition of paying staff salaries, is committed to meeting the training needs and improving the experience of its employees, and considers it as a competitive advantage to continue its activities and as a vital element in attracting and retaining the highest talents.

Employee’s feedback

Employee feedback is an important part of the structural correction method of Roshd Sanat Company.Roshd Sanat has been pursuing and obtaining the opinions of employees in various fields of work since the late 1370s and during the past years, this process in the company’s methods, including how to hire, management methods, justice, training and upgrading employees’ academic level , Employee benefits and so on.


Training and development of staff’s knowledge

Training and improving the level of knowledge and experience of employees is the main and most important prerequisite for turning our views into values. Value that creates capable people with a rich work and professional culture by using the financial strength of the company. In fact, developing and motivating personnel is one of the most important parts of the management of Roshd Sanat Company. According to this policy, Roshd Sanat’s investment in training and improving the level of knowledge and experience of employees has quadrupled over the past three years. The key elements in the culture of learning to Roshd Sanat includes energy, curiosity and intimacy that talented people attract and employ to solve the most challenging management, engineering, supply and implementation problems using this tool.

Roshd Sanat’s managers are carefully evaluated on how they lead their people to professional growth and advise on their goals. These managers are also responsible for ensuring technical competencies and business excellence by emphasizing integrity and without the slightest exception for their team members. In Roshd Sanat, we want only the best, brightest and most committed talents. As we move forward, there will be nothing but a “title” in any managerial position at the company.