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Ranked one of the EPC hydropower projects in the country

Roshd Sanat Co.

Is an accredited company with rank of design and build (EPC) and has a brilliant background in the projects of renewable power plants and distributed generation, consisting of hydro, wind, solar, thermal and gas power plants as well as projects in oil and gas, petroleum, mineral and industrial factories. The company has been following an innovative policy in the fields of engineering services and supply to installing and setting up various projects. It is also active in the fields of utilization and repairs of power plants.

Roshd sanat company is honored that it established and utilized its first hydro power plant in Qom with the investment of its private shareholders and efforts of committed and efficient personnel in the time period less than it was planned and the generated power was added to the national power grid.

This company also installed and utilized another small hydro power plant in Semnan Province with the same investment model of Qom power plant(investment by private shareholders)  in the shortest time possible in August 2018 and connected it to the national power grid.

Roshd sanat company,due to keeping up to date to international standards and increasing the efficiency and work safety in the company,in addition of gaining accreditation certificate from the ministry of labor and social affairs has also achieved the below mentioned certificates:


OHSAS 1800,ISO 14001 – 2015 ,ISO 9001 – 2008 1 – 2007 and HSE – MS

Specialized contractor in engineering ,procurement construction and commissioning (EPCC) of small and medium power plants:

Roshd sanat Company’s activities in the field of successful engineering, procurement construction and commissioning of small and medium hydro power plants for more than 10 power plants both inside and outside the country, in every variation (Francis, Kaplan and Pelton turbine ),turned this company into the most experienced and one of the most developed manufacturers of the private sector in Iran.

All of the designing affairs in Roshd sanat , is done by experienced engineers in the suitable direction according to the projects necessities and raw material undergo special inspections for making sure of their conformity with the related standards, in order to manufacturing the flawless product and therefore Roshd sanat products and services remain at the peak of craftsmanship in this major.

The domain of hydro power plants equipment supply in Rosh sanaat consists of turbine , generator, governor , control panel , main and distribution transformators , crane , low and medium voltage electrical panels , cable ,diesel generator , fire fighting equipment , earthing , light and brightness equipment and also PLC connections.

EPCC contractor of the thermal-gas power plants:

Roshd Sanat company has been active in the power plants sector since its foundation.

Currently , Roshd Sanat is one of the most outstanding companies in the industry of construction of thermal power plants due to its vast experience and trustable technical knowledge.

Roshd Sanat company is specialized in executing every aspect of fossil fuel , gas , combine cycle, coal power plants and executing projects from design and supply install and utilization of the main equipment and also auxiliary equipment(BOP) of the power plants.



Tehran cement factory project

Venue: Tehran

Employer: Tehran cement factory

Scope of work: replacement program of unit number 8 of the factory

How to implement the activity: EPC


Qom 4 and 3 power plant

Site location: pressure breaker station 4 and 3 Mahalat

Investor: Roshd Sanat Company

Nominal capacity: 1*2.9 MW

Nominal capacity: 1*3.4 MW

Annual production energy |: 40 GWh

Turbine type: Horizontal Francis

Gross height: 72 (m) and 120

How to run the activity: BOO


Tabas coal-burning thermal power plant (B.O.P section)

Site location: Tabas

Nominal capacity: 2*325MW=650MW

Annual production energy: 4700GWh

Employer: The specialized parent company of Iran Thermal Power

How to implement the activity: EPC


Ghale Nar gas collection and injection project

Project location: Andimeshk

Capacity: 11 million cubic meters

Client: National Company of Southern Oil-rich Regions

How to implement the activity: EPC

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A reputable company with a design and construction rating (EPC) with a brilliant track record in renewable and distributed generation power plant projects, including hydropower, wind, solar, thermal and gas power plants, as well as oil and gas, petrochemical, and mining projects. And industrial factories.

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