Roshd Sanat Profile:

Since its establishment in 1990 as a privately owned company, Roshd Sanat has played a major role in development and construction of a string of infrastructural projects in power, energy, mine & metal sectors. We determine to keep our position of prominence at the energy and power sector forefront.

Roshd Sanat's competitive advantages root into its commitment to below strategies:

-      To follow resource-based approach as a core policy in any and all activities

-      To apply an ongoing quality enhancement process in day-to-day exercises

-      To rely on capable management team

-      To enjoy experienced innovative technical staff

-      To employ cutting edge technology by keeping access to reliable global players

-      To apply highest authentic international codes & standards

Roshd Sanat is the most experienced company in field of small & medium hydroelectric power plant in Iran. We have achieved our reputation over decades of integrity, high quality work, safe and on time delivery of more than 32 projects.


Our company has obtained below grade certificates in Iran:

1) Contractor Grade:

Power Generation: Grade 1

Facilities & Equipment: Grade 1

Oil & Gas: Grade 2

Industry & Mine: Grade 4

2) Consultant Grade:

Power Generation: Grade 2

Electrical & Mechanical Equipment: Grade 3

3) EPC Grade:

EPC Power Plant Projects: Type 2

4) HEPP O&M Grade:

O&M of Hydro Electric Power Plant Project: Grade 2