Roshd Sanat Co.
EPC Contractor of Industrial Projects.


Taam Locomotive Arya Co.
Railway transportation industries.


Roshd Sanat Niroo Co.
Manufacturing and Renovation of Electrical Machines.




ROSHD SANAT Company is one of the Roshd Sanat Group companies.

Roshd Sanat Group is included three companies:

Roshd Sanat Co.: EPC contractor of small & medium hydroelectric power plant, oil & gas, petrochemical and cement projects

Roshd Sanat Niroo Co.: Manufacturing & renovation of Generator, Coil & Electrical Machine

Taam Locomotive Arya Co.: Engineering & Technical Services to Railway industries fleet

Roshd Sanat Niroo Co., a member of roshd sanat group, is a prominent supplier, manufacturer and rebuilder of heavy electrical machinery and their parts in iran. roshd sanat niroo enjoying trained and qualified staff, has experience of manufacturing & repairing of a few thousands of electromotor and generators over the last two decades. 

Taam Locomotive Arya, a member of Roshd Sanat Group, provides a wide range of services in Rolling Stock Industry both in railway and underground sectors such as locomotive renovation, railway fleet maintenance, manufacturing of mechanical & electrical locomotive components including electric machines. It also supplies different assemblies used in rail vehicle. 

Roshd Sanat Co. is a leading EPCC company with proven track record in variety of industrial projects such as power plants, oil, gas, petrochemical, mine & metal plants. The company provides innovative approaches for all major services from Engineering to Procurement, Construction & Commissioning. It is involved in operation and maintenance of power plants as well. 

Furthermore honored that is executing project in the Oman and extending its activities to neighborhood countries by registering, receiving necessary permissions and negotiating for getting project in the Turkey, Tajikistan and Kurdistan of Iraq.

This company also in the Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plants took effective steps and beside Nazarabad EPC contract is negotiating for signing other contract in this field with more clients.

To keep up with up-to-date global standards and increasing efficiency this company implemented the ISO 9001: 2008 and HSE-MS in its organization. Roshd Sanat Co. for turbine and generator of hydro power plants has sole area agent from two Austrian and Italian supplier respectively.